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The Truth About
Cigar Bands


It is equally appropriate to leave the cigar bands on your cigar while you smoke it as it is to remove it. The only thing you must be aware of is if you choose to remove the band be careful not to damage the cigar. If you remove it incorrectly you may tear the wrapper and subsequently ruin your smoke.

Lighting up

Cutting Your Cigar

First, you must cut the cap, or head, off the cigar, that is unless you have chosen one of the cigar types that come precut from the factory. Be sure not to remove the entire cap as this may damage your cigar's wrapper and result in a loose, hot and bitter cigar.

Lighting Your Cigar

Second, you light your cigar. Using a butane lighter is the most effective way to light your cigar but if one is not available use a wooden match or a spill. Remember to never let your cigar touch the flame. Hold your cigar horizontally at a 45 degree angle above the flame. Then, rotate the foot of your cigar to evenly warm the end. When embers appear lightly blow out through your cigar. This initial exhalation will remove any unwanted flavors or odors that the flame may have caused. Then put the cigar in your mouth while keeping it in the horizontal position and puff, or draw, slowly on the cigar as you continue to rotate.

Enjoying Your Cigar

A cigar is meant to be smoked slowly and should never be rushed. Taking one puff, or draw, per minute will allow you to truly savor the flavors and aroma of your smoke. If your cigar happens to extinguish itself during your smoke it is okay to relight it within one to two hours, any longer than that and your cigar will become stale. Also, remember to never butt out your cigar. Your cigar will extinguish itself in a matter of minutes if it is not drawn upon.

Shape Chart

Arnold's Tobacco Shop Cigar Shape Chart

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Corona Gorda

Ring Guage Chart

Please note: Cigar shapers are not drawn to scale.

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