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Our Heritage

Since 1911, 3 Generations, 1 Heritage

  • Part of the NYC Landscape Since 1911

    Arnold's Tobacco is a well-known, family operated tobacco retailer that has been a part of the New York City landscape since 1911. The company has been owned and operated throughout the years by three generations of the Goldstein family. Our vast cigar knowledge, storied history and unparalleled industry connections have made us an institution in the world of cigars.

  • Rare and Exotic Choices

    We offer all our customers fine cigars, and often rare and exotic choices, that are always shipped fresh; we are also known as the source for hard-to-get fine cigars.

  • High Level of Professionalism

    Our high level of professionalism in the industry has been recently translated into our online business that provides all necessary information for the long-time enthusiast - as well as the novice - to make the perfect choice

  • Wonderful Clientele

    We thank our wonderful clientele, from the celebrities and captains of industry to the tourists and the everyday New Yorkers, for supporting our business since 1911. We look forward to serving you for more!